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  • The big divide.

    The big divide.

    Just an interesting stair I saw in Cambridge, yesterday. I only had my mobile at hand, so here it is, another mobile picture. And the funny thing is that this is my first “Explored” picture in Flickr ever! And I joined in 2008, that talks a lot about how the whole interestingness algorithm works… ūüėČ…

  • Glasshouse.


    A couple sitting in a bench at Cambridge’s Botanic Garden, a place I really like. This was taken from the inside of one of the glasshouses. The one where the weather is like in a jungle. The dirt in the glass is a mixture of condensation and actual… dirt.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

    My entry for this week photo challenge. Cold outside, warm inside. Taken a few years ago, in a coffee in Cambridge. It was freezing outside. The frost in the window is the proof. Also the snow in the cars and the road. I tried several processes with this one, and this high contrast black and…

  • Autumn


    Playing with fallen leaves indoors. It’s better. Outside is quite chilly‚Ķ

  • I wonder…

    I wonder…

      …what happened in that room? Taken in some street in the Madrid, a long time ago. Sometimes just looking up is¬†worth it.

  • Wimpole House

    Wimpole House

    In my last weekend I took a few of pictures in the rooms of¬†this¬†house. Here, an exit door¬†in Wimpole Hall. Trying to get enough contrast in the light, but not killing¬†completely¬†the shadows. Also, I avoid the HDR look, that I¬†don’t¬†like too much, to be honest… I liked the symmetry of the chairs. Other tourists that…