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  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast.

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast.

    An old windmill in Wicken Fen, a National Trust natural park close to Cambridge. I like the contrast between the white and black wood. Sometimes a picture just asks for a black and white processing, I think. There are a lot of windmills around here it seems.

  • New lens.

    New lens.

    Instead of a sports car for my 40th birthday, I got a new lens. I already have a 50mm lens, but it is a manual one, from ancient times. I missed having a bit more modern one. Now I can autofocus. I spent last weekend doing one-day trips to Norfolk coast and London. And so far,…

  • Untitled windmill picture.

    Untitled windmill picture.

    Windmills next to the road from Vejer de la Frontera to Medina Sidonia. This ones are huge. All that area can have very strong winds. Tarifa‘s beach, close to Bolonia’s one and some others are great for wind surf. I had to stop my car and take this picture, sun was quickly disappearing. I think I took…

  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    I really have enjoyed this trip to Spain. I think I’ve done something like 4000 Km in just three weeks. Cadiz, Albacete, Leon and Madrid have been the places I have visited. The white walls shown in the first picture are in Vejer de la Frontera. It is one of white towns in Cadiz and they are called…