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  • London on Sunday.

    London on Sunday.

    Some pictures I took a few weeks ago in London. I still need to go through to all the pictures I took that day, these are the ones that first grabbed my attention. This was the next day after my visit to Wells next the Sea. I still had my new lens attached to my camera from…

  • Lisbon (2)

    Lisbon (2)

    I still have a few pictures left from my trip to Lisbon in December. This is in Praça dos Restauradores, where you can see this monument with two statues at each side, one symbolizes Independence and the other Victory. Not sure which one I took the picture of, but I like those two concepts. A lot.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    My entry for this weekly photo challenge. Just a car, a very common object these days. I found it parked in front of that blue house while walking around in Cambridge a few years ago. Someone decided to put a red bike behind, I should have moved a blue one in its place… 😉

  • New lens.

    New lens.

    Instead of a sports car for my 40th birthday, I got a new lens. I already have a 50mm lens, but it is a manual one, from ancient times. I missed having a bit more modern one. Now I can autofocus. I spent last weekend doing one-day trips to Norfolk coast and London. And so far,…

  • Ascension Parish Burial Ground

    Ascension Parish Burial Ground

    What a better plan for a Saturday than visiting a cemetery in Cambridge? This one was recommended by a friend, and there we went. I knew little (better said, I knew nothing) about it, but it looks like a lot of famous people are buried here. The list is just impressive. Thanks that the visit…

  • light zone

    light zone

    Another dark street in Cambridge. This one quite close to my house.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    My picture for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie. I took this one in a bike tunnel near Cambridge, in a place called Stow Qum Quy. I had already a quite eerie picture there (the one in a cemetery), but that was in colour. This one has only a bit of orange coming from the lamp in the…

  • Crooked houses

    Crooked houses

    Just slightly, they must be old…

  • Rainbow


    Taken in London, I don’t remember exactly where. I like those colourful lines. I need to do another one day trip to London, there are loads of things to see there.  Good weekend!