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  • Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

    Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

    My entry for this weekly photo challenge. Every morning, when I go to work in my bike I see this tree. Just in the middle of my way. You can find it in the Midsummer Common, in Cambridge.

  • dead wood

    dead wood

    Pictures with curves Sunday experiment!. It is almost like if you could put the dead trunk on that ditch for a better rest. One is from my last visit to Epping Forest and the other is in a small village called Barrington, supposed to be the longest one in England. Walking from one end to the…

  • Epping forest (2).

    Epping forest (2).

    As promised and in no particular order, some more Epping Forest pictures. These ones remind me a bit to the ones I took in Wandelbury Park, in Cambridge.I found it hard to actually make pictures with some sense of this place. What I mean is that it is easy to end showing just a mess of trees. I tried…

  • Epping forest.

    Epping forest.

    Last Sunday I went to Epping forest. Although here, it seems to me, forests are everywhere. The weather was cloudy and chilly. The sun came out just at times and the clouds made some nice light and shadows patterns. This time I didn’t get lost. A few more pictures will come soon!

  • Bolonia’s beach

    Bolonia’s beach

    Possibly, the best beach I’ve ever been. And I’m not the only one who thinks that. Just search for this place on google, and you’ll see this beach appearing in all sort of rankings and lists. And still, it feels pretty isolated. There is just a tiny road that brings you there. And the food in the restaurants close by is…

  • Arrival.


    Some pictures I took in the same place where I got lost once. The light was amazing. I saturated the autumn colours on purpose, and that gave this pictures an almost painterly look. This place is great for spending a day, if the weather is right.

  • Cambridge or London…

    Cambridge or London…

    This first picture is in a park close to my place. A park where I usually go to play with my daughter and sometimes it gets late without noticing. The second one, with those striking neon lights, is in London. I cannot remember exactly where. I have thought about living in London lots of times, since…

  • Cathedral


    Taken here, at Wandlebury country park, near Cambridge. That day is was cold, but sunny, and I was just walking along this avenue. I was distracted taking pictures when I realized I was lost. Not exactly lost, because I knew how to go back home, but in the sense that I lost track of what…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

    For Weekly Photo Challenge: Color