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Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: sunset

  • New lens.

    New lens.

    Instead of a sports car for my 40th birthday, I got a new lens. I already have a 50mm lens, but it is a manual one, from ancient times. I missed having a bit more modern one. Now I can autofocus. I spent last weekend doing one-day trips to Norfolk coast and London. And so far, […]

  • Warwick castle

    Warwick castle

    Happy new year everyone!. Here is my first post of 2014! Last weekend I went to Warwick castle. In a day that was cold, but sunny, I did one of the things I most like to do: visit a place, and return home with lots of pictures. This occasion was in this great castle, two hours from Cambridge.…

  • Alfama (2)

    Alfama (2)

    As I said, you need to walk a lot if visiting Lisbon. You can do a stop in some terraces called miradouros, and rest a bit. The views, if the weather is good and the air clear, are amazing. The first picture was taken from Igreja de Graça. There is a small coffee there, and waiting for the…

  • Medina Sidonia

    Medina Sidonia

    Medina Sidonia was our base for exploring Cadiz. Well, it wasn’t exactly an expedition. We were on holidays, so the plan was just visit some places, go to the beach, eat good food, etc. Nothing more adventurous, to be honest. Just spend a good time in a place we didn’t knew. Its funny, because I…