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  • London at night

    London at night

    I took this ones a couple of years ago. Night time city light are very difficult to photograph. There is an overall orange colour cast, a mix of different light sources, each with it colour temperature, and pictures can look quite weird initially. I tried here to experiment a bit with white balance adjustments and…

  • Wait


    Four men with a reflection of the river Tagus, in Lisbon, at their back.

  • Alfama


    Some pictures of Alfama, in Lisbon, from my quick weekend trip. Prepare to walk a lot if you want to visit this area of the city. The uphill and narrow cobbled streets make the visit difficult but enjoyable anyway. The best way I found to orient myself was going up all the time. At some points…

  • light zone

    light zone

    Another dark street in Cambridge. This one quite close to my house.

  • Wistful thinking

    Wistful thinking

    Wistful thinking? Or just looking at the cars passing by?

  • Back from work at night.

    Back from work at night.

    Some slightly blurred and unfocused pictures I took one night a couple of years ago, while returning home from work here in Cambridge. Using old manual lenses at night is hard. I need to practice more. And I am not yet used to the darkness of this town a night.

  • Street photo

    Street photo

    Enough of landscapes and architecture photos. Lets try some street photography. It’s a genre I still haven’t tried yet. I find it too hard. I need to pay closer attention to classics, and groups on Flickr like HCSP where some interesting examples can be seen. Usually, this pictures must have a trick. They don’t need to…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

    Taken in Portobello market, London. It can get fully crowded. Saturated in some sense.

  • Rainbow


    Taken in London, I don’t remember exactly where. I like those colourful lines. I need to do another one day trip to London, there are loads of things to see there.  Good weekend!