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  • Lisbon (2)

    Lisbon (2)

    I still have a few pictures left from my trip to Lisbon in December. This is in Praça dos Restauradores, where you can see this monument with two statues at each side, one symbolizes Independence and the other Victory. Not sure which one I took the picture of, but I like those two concepts. A lot.

  • Monument to the Discoveries

    Monument to the Discoveries

    Another picture from Lisbon. You can walk from the 25 of April bridge to here. It will take a bit, but this monument is a quite spectacular thing to look at. A good amount of Portugal’s discovery history is represented here also.  I used an electric tram for the return, something that I completely recommend,…

  • Ickworth house

    Ickworth house

    Some pictures I took in Ickworth House, here in UK. I enjoy visiting this places and its surroundings. I should seriously think about getting a membership card. Is it worth it?