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  • Snow and chaos in UK

    Snow and chaos in UK

    It has snowed a bit today here in Cambridge (and in the rest of the country, I believe, too). Any time this happens, like if it was a surprising thing, like if it was always the first time it happens, they advice not to got anywhere, and it seems like the country delves into chaos.…

  • Missing winter?

    Missing winter?

    These days are hot here in UK. In a way, its different to what I’m used to in Madrid, where the weather is less humid. With just above 20ºC there is a quite summery sensation. More if it is a sunny day. Reach 30ºC and they call it heat wave. Ha!, in Madrid we usually…

  • Under the bridge.

    Under the bridge.

    Taken a few years ago, in a really cold winter here in Cambridge. I wouldn’t want to fall into that icy water, although the swans don’t seem to care too much about it…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

    Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

    My entry for this weekly photo challenge. Every morning, when I go to work in my bike I see this tree. Just in the middle of my way. You can find it in the Midsummer Common, in Cambridge.

  • Frozen


    One of my favourite spots in Cambridge. I enjoy coming here just for a walk. In summer it looks great. When I took this one it was freezing cold. I think processing in black and white was needed, and this row of trees makes some interesting compositions possible. The most obvious may be this one point…

  • Solitary figures (3)

    Solitary figures (3)

    I saw this person sitting in the bench in a park close to my office. I needed to get out for a moment and I wandered around with my camera. It was the first snow of that winter. Also, it was one of my first winters in Cambridge. I like the concrete patch under the bench.

  • Solitary figures (2)

    Solitary figures (2)

    Just another solitary person in Cambrige… The first one is here!

  • Solitary figures

    Solitary figures

    One solitary person walking in the snow, in Cambridge. River Cam looked like a mirror that day.  Ps. If you’d like to buy a print of this picture, please visit here.