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  • Ickworth house

    Ickworth house

    Some pictures I took in Ickworth House, here in UK. I enjoy visiting this places and its surroundings. I should seriously think about getting a membership card. Is it worth it?

  • Wimpole House (2)

    Wimpole House (2)

    Given that yesterday I couldn’t post pictures, here comes a small gallery! A few more pictures taken in Wimpole Hall. It was a sunny day, and that helps a bit with the light.

  • Wimpole House

    Wimpole House

    In my last weekend I took a few of pictures in the rooms of this house. Here, an exit door in Wimpole Hall. Trying to get enough contrast in the light, but not killing completely the shadows. Also, I avoid the HDR look, that I don’t like too much, to be honest… I liked the symmetry of the chairs. Other tourists that…