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  • Red car

    Red car

    Today I turned 40. And I need a car like this one. Mid-life crisis they say… 😉

  • Red.


    Speaking of square pictures, I like how this one ended. It’s a red dahlia in Anglesey Abbey gardens. Good weekend!

  • Wimpole House (2)

    Wimpole House (2)

    Given that yesterday I couldn’t post pictures, here comes a small gallery! A few more pictures taken in Wimpole Hall. It was a sunny day, and that helps a bit with the light.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

    For Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  • Take the red pill

    Take the red pill

    There is only one red capsule in London Eye. This way, people can see how fast (or slow) this gigantic wheel rotates. I think it is called the Cupid’s capsule, but the red pill symbolizes the painful truth in some famous Science fiction film.