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  • Cascais


    Some pictures taken in Cascais, quite close to Lisbon. The weather was great that day. We could even try the water on the beach… In December.

  • Wait


    Four men with a reflection of the river Tagus, in Lisbon, at their back.

  • Alfama


    Some pictures of Alfama, in Lisbon, from my quick weekend trip. Prepare to walk a lot if you want to visit this area of the city. The uphill and narrow cobbled streets make the visit difficult but enjoyable anyway. The best way I found to orient myself was going up all the time. At some points…

  • Lisbon


    25th of April bridge in Lisbon, last Sunday. I went there for a quick family visit, just for the weekend. I lived almost four years in this area , more than twenty years ago. I have many fond memories of this place, and seeing those old streets again brought them back vividly. The weather was great,…

  • Emerald.


    Vale de Centianes beach in Algarve, Portugal. Here I tried a polarizing filter to remove the water reflections. The water was so clear, it almost disappeared. Those filters are great, not only for adding saturation in landscapes, but for any picture were you may need to tone down  reflections.  Water, metal, glass, in all this elements…

  • Jars


    There is a shop in Portugal, in a place I try to visit as often as possible, that sells colourful jars like this. I won’t tell you where it is! 😉

  • Missing summer?(2)

    Missing summer?(2)

    Taken in the same place as this one, but another view. I like the blue colours. The light makes a nice reflection of that little island, and those tinny persons swimming add scale to the off-centred composition. It is mostly sky, but I like blue skies… 😉

  • Missing summer?

    Missing summer?

    Beaches are great for photography. I took this picture while I was on holidays in Portugal, a place where I try to go as often as possible. It was just an experiment with high-speed shutter photography. In this case 1/2000 of a second was enough to completely freeze the crashing wave coming. The sunset light…