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  • Orford Ness (3)

    Orford Ness (3)

    Some years after my first visit to Orford Ness, I decided to go with my daughter to this enigmatic place. I noticed a few changes, the most important one is that the lighthouse was dismantled in 2020. I remember walking near it in the shingles beach. Also there were some refurbishment works being done to…

  • Orford Ness (2)

    Orford Ness (2)

    Here are the remaining pictures from my day trip to Orford Ness. That day started cloudy, and when it was time to leave, the sun appeared. For a moment I though, what if I stay here to see how it looks at night? Actually, you can book a photography tour to do exactly that. Something to…

  • Orford Ness

    Orford Ness

    Last Saturday I spent the day visiting an interesting place. I had heard about it a while ago, just by chance while browsing the National Trust website. Its called Orford Ness, in Suffolk. There is a pretty little village there, with a castle, various pubs and tea rooms. And then, across a short distance, this…