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  • i love

    i love

    Just another old door. With a hidden message, small and incomplete message. This pictures are from Norwich, which I visited months ago. I posted some other pictures already here.

  • One point perspectives.

    One point perspectives.

    I have a bit of obsession with one point perspectives. It’s a kind of vertigo like effect. This one was taken also in Norwich cathedral. The lights in this part of the cloister were turned on already, and I had a lot of trouble with that, because a bit on natural light was still visible from the outside. Just playing…

  • Norwich Cathedral

    Norwich Cathedral

    I spent only a day in Norwich. I liked it, and the cathedral there was a nice place to take some pictures. The city centre has a popular market. And there is even a castle! I would like to return soon, maybe in summer, along a visit to some Norfolk coastal places. I will post more pictures…