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  • London at night

    London at night

    I took this ones a couple of years ago. Night time city light are very difficult to photograph. There is an overall orange colour cast, a mix of different light sources, each with it colour temperature, and pictures can look quite weird initially. I tried here to experiment a bit with white balance adjustments and…

  • light zone

    light zone

    Another dark street in Cambridge. This one quite close to my house.

  • Back from work at night.

    Back from work at night.

    Some slightly blurred and unfocused pictures I took one night a couple of years ago, while returning home from work here in Cambridge. Using old manual lenses at night is hard. I need to practice more. And I am not yet used to the darkness of this town a night.

  • Night shopping (2)

    Night shopping (2)

    Things are a bit different in London. And more in areas like Soho. Here lamps are white, instead of tungsten orange, and that helps a bit adjusting the white balance. I tried to do some cross-process colour tests here, inspired by pictures from Jon Siegel. My results are nowhere comparable to those, but I like the light and colour in…

  • Night shopping

    Night shopping

    Shops close their doors quite early in UK, compared to Spain. I remember my first days here, going out after work to see a shopping centre and finding it closed. And nobody on the streets. Weird… One of those nights I saw this store-front. The almost symmetrical display of colourful things grabbed my attention. The processing here was…

  • Cambridge at night is really dark.

    Cambridge at night is really dark.

    I understand light pollution issues, but… this is too dark.

  • Mill Road at night.

    Mill Road at night.

    Just some pictures I took a bit of time ago. These are some of the places you can find in Mill Rd., Cambridge. It is a very multicultural street, you can find food and shops from around the world and some nice coffees to keep you warm in winter. There is also a cemetery close…