Long Delays Possible

Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: National Trust

  • Dover (4)

    Dover (4)

    Three more pictures from Dover. It was a weird day in terms of light, I think. Some pictures have a better daylight quality in them, others are duller. Anyhow, I really enjoyed that day. The fractured landscape is amazing and I managed not to fall over the cliffs!

  • Ickworth house

    Ickworth house

    Some pictures I took in Ickworth House, here in UK. I enjoy visiting this places and its surroundings. I should seriously think about getting a membership card. Is it worth it?

  • Red.


    Speaking of square pictures, I like how this one ended. It’s a red dahlia in Anglesey Abbey gardens. Good weekend!

  • Wimpole House (2)

    Wimpole House (2)

    Given that yesterday I couldn’t post pictures, here comes a small gallery! A few more pictures taken in Wimpole Hall. It was a sunny day, and that helps a bit with the light.

  • Wimpole House

    Wimpole House

    In my last weekend I took a few of pictures in the rooms of this house. Here, an exit door in Wimpole Hall. Trying to get enough contrast in the light, but not killing completely the shadows. Also, I avoid the HDR look, that I don’t like too much, to be honest… I liked the symmetry of the chairs. Other tourists that…

  • Wimpole’s Folly

    Wimpole’s Folly

    As I mentioned earlier, I had an entire weekend for visiting some National Trust places in the UK. This one was taken here. Apart from visiting the house and the gardens, there are walks all around the place with interesting views and things. These ruins are part of a fake ruined castle built in 1770 for decorative…