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Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: London

  • Mobile pictures (4)

    Mobile pictures (4)

    Another small gallery of pictures I’ve taken in the last year. Basically, places with trees. I am always attracted to trees, I don’t know why, I like to take pictures of them. What I’ve noticed too selecting this pictures is that they are very dark. I guess it comes with the mood of this last year. […]

  • Brompton Cemetery

    Brompton Cemetery

    A gallery of pictures taken at Brompton cemetery, in London. I visited this Victorian cemetery a few weeks ago. It was a cold, cloudy with drizzle day. Very appropriate for the mood of the place. I enjoyed it. A quite and peaceful place. Black and white processing seemed appropriate here.

  • Long delays (2)…

    Long delays (2)…

    I think I’m going to start a black and white period of pictures. I love colour ones, but I feel like black and white is better suited these days. Black and white is less distracting, helping ease composition issues as pictures can become more abstract and schematic. Also perhaps it fits better with my current…

  • Kew Gardens

    Kew Gardens

    As promised, a gallery with some pictures of Kew Gardens, taken during my Christmas holidays. A cold, but sunny day, great for a long walk… 🙂

  • Hello London

    Hello London

    A picture taken this cold morning, in Kew Gardens. Such a beautiful place. I wanted to visit this place since time ago, but I don’t know why, I couldn’t find a moment. Now, it’s not too far from where I live, in London. I will post a gallery with more pictures, as soon as these…

  • Wait for it.

    Wait for it.

    I took this picture in London with my mobile a few days ago, last Monday. I was waiting for an appointment somewhere close, sipping a coffee in a coffee shop from a famous coffee shops chain in Oxford Street. It should have been an easy thing, but bureaucracy always takes longer than it should. You need…

  • Mobile pictures (2)

    Mobile pictures (2)

    Its been a while since my last post. Some recent personal events have made almost impossible for me to get time for my blog and keep it updated. Not even editing and processing pictures. I still have loads of pictures from other trips and places that, hopefully soon, will share here. In this “no time for…

  • London on Sunday (2)

    London on Sunday (2)

    Some pictures I took last Sunday in London. A sunny day, for a change. I went with some friends from Madrid, and they showed me places I hadn’t visit before. I suffer the eternal tourist syndrome, I think…

  • Weekly photo challenge: Letters.

    Weekly photo challenge: Letters.

    My two pictures for this weekly photo challenge. The first one taken in Felixstowe and the second in London. Two quite different situations and meaning of letters.