Long Delays Possible

Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: Leeds Castle

  • Tower.


    Tower at the entrance on Leeds Castle. It was a bit late and we were going back home when I saw this tower. The cloudy and dark day with those two mysterious persons under the light grabbed my attention. I liked this one in black and white. It’s a bit of a contrast with the colourful carnival we found…

  • Lost.


    Leeds castle has a really nice maze. We got lost there for something like 40 minutes. I tried not to tell my daughter the trick for finding the exit of a labyrinth. She was enjoying a lot the moment, but at some point, frustration appeared, so I used all my orientation skills to find the way out.…

  • Peacock


    This peacock was a bit difficult to photograph. I wanted a full frontal view, for later cropping in a square format. That was my initial idea. I ended with a lot of shots of the bird, and I found this to be the one I most liked. The issue I had was that I needed…

  • Carnival


    I took this one in Leeds Castle, in Kent, UK. After visiting the castle and its surroundings I ended almost at night in a small amusements park where children could spend a bit of time playing in this things, and their parents relax a bit having a coffee.  Or just grab some pictures, as I did. I…