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  • Diptych (2).

    Diptych (2).

    Another pair of pictures. These two ones are from the same place as the previous post, but looking at the fields next to the river. It was a really nice and long walk.

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

      My three pictures for Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon. The first one was taken from a car going to some place in Spain. I wasn’t driving. I used a high shutter speed and long focal lens. This might be the best one that came from that experiment. I liked the undulating horizon. The second one…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

    For Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern   DLR is in London, outside Canary Warf underground station. I was there when I went to Greenwich. The banks and company buildings are a change to the usual architecture in the city. It doesn’t feel like London at all. Is more a modern financial district, as you can find in any other big city.…