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  • Dover (4)

    Dover (4)

    Three more pictures from Dover. It was a weird day in terms of light, I think. Some pictures have a better daylight quality in them, others are duller. Anyhow, I really enjoyed that day. The fractured landscape is amazing and I managed not to fall over the cliffs!

  • Wind


    It must be quite windy over the white cliffs of Dover. I liked the shape of this little bush. All the vegetation on top the cliffs is combed this way. The day I went here it wasn’t windy, but I couldn’t stop wondering how this place would look in a storm. I hope you all have had a good weekend.…

  • Steam Ship Falcon wreck

    Steam Ship Falcon wreck

      These metallic shapes with rust, sea anemones and barnacles are what is left of the Steam Ship Falcon, that caught fire in 1926 and ended wrecked in Dover coast, in front of the Langdon search lights, precisely. Little remains of that ship but its steel frame is still there. The pass of time has created its own biological…

  • Bunker


    I took this one in In my visit to Dover. It is an abandoned search light battery used in World War Two, situated in Langdon Bay just to the east of Dover Harbour. This place was used to light possible enemy ships coming by night. The Langdon battery, on the top of the cliff, could shoot these ships. In…

  • Dover(3)


    There is a lighthouse in the white cliffs of Dover. I ended there after a long way that started in the National Trust visitors centre. After having a nice coffee and a home-made muffin I wandered around the place a bit. There are paths to nearby fields, and this one grabbed my attention. Why those rocks in…

  • Dover(2)


    Another picture from my visit to Dover. The views from the edge were amazing. Vertigo inducing. As you can see, the path gets quite close to the fall, and you should watch were you put four feet. At some point there is a way carved in the vertical wall that lets you go down the…

  • Dover


    Today I went to Dover. I spent all the day walking the white cliffs. I took lots of pictures. Most of them of the views from the cliffs, some birds, and a World War 2 beach bunker. Almost at the end of my visit, a couple were walking much faster than me, uphill. I liked the…