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  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

    Here is my picture for this weekly photo challenge. It’s not the first time I post some old door pictures here. There is something about them that makes you wonder: When was the last time it was opened? This one is in Anglesey Abbey gardens, an old house close to Cambridge. It belongs to the…

  • eleven


    Again, an old door somewhere. Eleven was my the table number.

  • i love

    i love

    Just another old door. With a hidden message, small and incomplete message. This pictures are from Norwich, which I visited months ago. I posted some other pictures already here.

  • old door

    old door

    This old door leads to a place. I liked the rust metal texture and the carved wood. This kind of pictures, with a clear focus on textures, more than any other thing, are sometimes difficult to make. I tried some sort of arrangement of the curves in the frame, and a very shallow depth of field, but sharp enough…

  • the door

    the door

    When I arrived here, I spent most of my spare time going to places in my bike. I remember finding this house, which was almost hidden in a path along river Cam. I also remember that it was the time when I received my first pay here in UK, so as a celebration I bought myself a new lens for…