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  • Brompton Cemetery

    Brompton Cemetery

    A gallery of pictures taken at Brompton cemetery, in London. I visited this Victorian cemetery a few weeks ago. It was a cold, cloudy with drizzle day. Very appropriate for the mood of the place. I enjoyed it. A quite and peaceful place. Black and white processing seemed appropriate here.

  • The future.

    The future.

    And after a post about my birthplace, this picture, taken in Granchester, near Cambridge. I tried a black and white process for this one, but the theme is already dark enough, so I went for some colour. Not very sure about the composition though. What do you think?

  • Ascension Parish Burial Ground

    Ascension Parish Burial Ground

    What a better plan for a Saturday than visiting a cemetery in Cambridge? This one was recommended by a friend, and there we went. I knew little (better said, I knew nothing) about it, but it looks like a lot of famous people are buried here. The list is just impressive. Thanks that the visit…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

    Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

    These are my three pictures for Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background. The first one was taken in Picadilly Circus, London. Is not unusual to go there any time and watch people dancing or doing some kind of performance. Here the focus of my camera decided to got to the background public instead of the performer, but I like how it…