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Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: Cadiz

  • More from Cadiz

    More from Cadiz

    Three pictures from Cadiz. First and third one is in Caños de Meca, where cape Trafalgar lighthouse is. If you follow the path and reach the lighthouse, you will see this view. The second shows some houses in Vejer de la Frontera. I don’t remember exactly where is this one taken from, but this little…

  • Untitled windmill picture.

    Untitled windmill picture.

    Windmills next to the road from Vejer de la Frontera to Medina Sidonia. This ones are huge. All that area can have very strong winds. Tarifa‘s beach, close to Bolonia’s one and some others are great for wind surf. I had to stop my car and take this picture, sun was quickly disappearing. I think I took…

  • Fatima


    This golden hand was a quite usual door knob I found in some towns I visited in Cadiz this summer. They are also known as Fatima’s hand, and they were used as some sort of amulet. I am not very keen of superstitions, but I like the looks of some of this things. Their origins are…

  • Medina Sidonia

    Medina Sidonia

    Medina Sidonia was our base for exploring Cadiz. Well, it wasn’t exactly an expedition. We were on holidays, so the plan was just visit some places, go to the beach, eat good food, etc. Nothing more adventurous, to be honest. Just spend a good time in a place we didn’t knew. Its funny, because I…

  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    I really have enjoyed this trip to Spain. I think I’ve done something like 4000 Km in just three weeks. Cadiz, Albacete, Leon and Madrid have been the places I have visited. The white walls shown in the first picture are in Vejer de la Frontera. It is one of white towns in Cadiz and they are called…