Long Delays Possible

Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: black and white photography

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! …and a happy New Year! šŸ™‚

  • Wistful thinking

    Wistful thinking

    Wistful thinking? Or just looking at the cars passing by?

  • Back from work at night.

    Back from work at night.

    Some slightly blurred and unfocused pictures I took one night a couple of years ago, while returning home from work here in Cambridge. Using old manual lenses at night is hard. I need to practice more. And I am not yet used to the darkness of this town a night.

  • Autumn


    Playing with fallen leaves indoors. It’s better. Outside is quite chillyā€¦

  • Crooked houses

    Crooked houses

    Just slightly, they must be old…

  • wet


    I said in my previous post that my quick Oxford visit was a bit rainy… GoodĀ weekend!

  • Hunstanston


    Taken in Hunstanston, another beach place here in UK. When I visited this place, the tide was low. Far in the horizon you can see the ferry wheel in the amusements park. This concrete wall that cuts diagonally the picture was really impressive. I can imagine that differences between high and low tides are big…

  • Tower.


    Tower at the entrance on Leeds Castle. It was a bit late and we were going back home when I saw this tower. The cloudy and dark day with those two mysterious persons under the light grabbed my attention. I liked this one in black and white. It’s a bit of a contrast with the colourful carnival we found…

  • Angles


    This wall is fromĀ oneĀ of the Clare College buildings in Cambridge. Google maps has an old image of the area. In this case, Bing maps are better. I was just walking around that area when thatĀ faƧadeĀ grabbed my attention. I liked the reflection of the clouds in those angled windows. The treeĀ branchesĀ on top of the regular spaced…