Long Delays Possible

Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: animal photography

  • Peacock


    This peacock was a bit difficult to photograph. I wanted a full frontal view, for later cropping in a square format. That was my initial idea. I ended with a lot of shots of the bird, and I found this to be the one I most liked. The issue I had was that I needed […]

  • Cows


    Spiders may not still be here, but the cows have been released! This is one of the most surprising things to newcomers in Cambridge. There are cows in some parks in the town. You can find them here, here and possibly here. I think I have seen them here also. They are mostly harmless, but when you pass near them with your…

  • Just wait…

    Just wait…

    Usually, it is the best thing to do… Taken in London Aquarium. I tried a few different framings, and also needed to do a lot of post-process to get rid of the reflections of the glass between me and this nice guy.

  • Zebra


    I’m not too much into Zoos. I find the animals living in those places to have a sad look in their eyes, if that is even possible. I did today a quick visit to Linton Zoo, near Cambridge, because my daughter loves these places. The weather, again, was not very comfortable. And the place was empty. Only some animals…

  • Spiders


    There must be something weird happening with the weather. Yes, I have already complained about it, but I feel this is far more important. Spiders haven’t appeared yet! This is one of the best kept secrets about UK. At least, is something nobody told me when I decided to come here. Most of the inhabitants of the…