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  • Weekly Photo Challenge: State of mind.

    Weekly Photo Challenge: State of mind.

    This week photo challenge has a tricky subject. I was looking for some of my pictures that could show that somehow. I liked this picture, but, do dogs have states of mind? I’m sure they do.

  • Horse


    Yesterday I visited the National Stud in Newmarket, Suffolk. There is a big thing about horse racing there. Here is my try at a horse portrait. And not just a normal horse according to this. A really promising one…

  • Cascais (2)

    Cascais (2)

    Two pictures with birds on them from my Lisbon trip, a few weeks ago. Going to the beach in December is great but it wasn’t my intention to have a swim, so I just enjoyed playing in the sand with my daughter and stalking seagulls, like the ones shown in the first picture. This was taken…

  • Street photo

    Street photo

    Enough of landscapes and architecture photos. Lets try some street photography. It’s a genre I still haven’t tried yet. I find it too hard. I need to pay closer attention to classics, and groups on Flickr like HCSP where some interesting examples can be seen. Usually, this pictures must have a trick. They don’t need to…

  • Swans. Despite their elegant look, this birds can be violent.

    Swans. Despite their elegant look, this birds can be violent.

    Well, they get violent if you get close to them, and more if they are with their family. I tried a close and personal shot of these the other day and they almost bite me. They make a noise, like a cat hiss. And they look much bigger when they open their wings. Sometimes, the…

  • follow me

    follow me

    I just don’t understand cats. I had one for long years, even after discovering I was allergic to her. Ada was called, I suppose in Ada Lovelace‘s honour. It’s the kind of names a young Computer Science student finds cool at that time. It is weird how they behave. They are not too much different from bigger…

  • More about friends…

    More about friends…

    I don’t know how I managed to get all of them posing this way. Maybe I read them yesterdays post… 😉

  • Poisonous blonde.

    Poisonous blonde.

    Small, cute, but clearly dangerous… I saw this little frog in London aquarium. The same place where I meet this crocodile. I don’t know the name of its species, but those bright colours in her skin must mean something. I wonder what its predators (or preys) may think about them. Are they irremediable attracted by…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

    Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

    For Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape. I’m sure animals in a zoo are constantly thinking in ways of escaping.