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  • The unknown beaches.

    The unknown beaches.

    I did a quick trip this last weekend. I visited the Algarve, the south part of Portugal, an area I really love. These pictures are from some of the beaches I went to. The plan was drive to a place, lay on the sand, read a book, try to swim a bit in the chilly water…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.

    Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.

    For Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour. Taken in Madrid, Algarve and London.

  • Emerald.


    Vale de Centianes beach in Algarve, Portugal. Here I tried a polarizing filter to remove the water reflections. The water was so clear, it almost disappeared. Those filters are great, not only for adding saturation in landscapes, but for any picture were you may need to tone down  reflections.  Water, metal, glass, in all this elements…