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  • Wales, or the next place I would like to live in (3).

    Wales, or the next place I would like to live in (3).

    Today I was browsing my archives and I remembered I had taken lots of pictures from my trip to North Wales. I posted only a few of them here, and at that time I made a mental note to myself, “I need to process the rest and post them soon”. I don’t know where that…

  • Almeria


    This is another repeated trip. Years ago I went to Almeria, just as a way to escape from a very bad time in my life. I thought about spending a few days somewhere not too far, just to see how I would feel afterwards. I thought about going to a deserted area in the south…

  • Orford Ness (3)

    Orford Ness (3)

    Some years after my first visit to Orford Ness, I decided to go with my daughter to this enigmatic place. I noticed a few changes, the most important one is that the lighthouse was dismantled in 2020. I remember walking near it in the shingles beach. Also there were some refurbishment works being done to…

  • Edinburgh


    Our first stop in our Scotland trip was Edinburgh. The Edinburgh part started a bit rough. After a long drive we found that it’s very difficult (and expensive) to park a car in Edinburgh . Our Airbnb was a bit out of the city centre (somewhere in Leith Way) and I just assumed I could…

  • Trip to Scotland

    Trip to Scotland

    Finally I did it. I went to Scotland. After thirteen years living in UK, wandering around many places, I went to the one I always had wanted to go, but for reasons, never had. My daughter and me have spent the first 2 weeks of August basically on my car over there. According to goggle…

  • Alone


    You can forget who you are if you’re alone too much Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood

  • Cromer


    Small gallery of pictures taken in this Norfolk coast town. I think it was the summer of 2021. Another coastal place in UK, that someone told us to visit, and we did, my daughter and me. It was actually a quite hot day, and the rocky beach was full of people. We had a nice…

  • Shingle Street

    Shingle Street

    I first heard of this place while chatting with an Airbnb host in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, a few years ago. I liked this place so much that every summer since then I try to go a few times, its a couple of hours drive from Cambridge, perfect for a day trip. There is something about the…

  • Old lovers

    Old lovers

    A picture I took in Cambridge, UK, a couple of years ago. Here punting is very popular. I have many pictures of these kind of boats, with or without people in them. I like here how they look all stacked, almost with a specific order or rhythm. The names of some of the boats, whose…