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  • Time

    Time heals all… but what if Time itself is the disease? Wings of desire, Wim Wenders

  • Saul Leiter: In no great hurry.

    Saul Leiter: In no great hurry.

    Such a great and inspiring photographer. I saw an exhibition with some of his pictures, some time ago, in London, at the Photographer’s Gallery. Pictures of ordinary things, mundane scenes of his life and places, things that could pass inadvertently to anyone else but him. The proof that you don’t really need fancy trips to…

  • Village At The End Of The World

    I watched this documentary a few nights ago. It shows a really different way of living. What if someone asked you to follow him, or her, to this place?. The photography of some landscapes is just amazing.

  • Don McCullin

    Don McCullin

    Interesting bits of an interview to this famous photographer:   If you want to know more about him, I recommend watching the documentary film “McCullin”. I saw it a few months ago on BBC. It is amazing what this person has seen and lived. Most of us would have ended completely mad. Here is a…

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon

    I started watching this film yesterday. Every time a conversation about films with great photography begins, this film is mentioned. I Like a lot Stanley Kubrick films. One of the things that make his films stand out is precisely the photography. And this one is a masterpiece. Although to be honest, I find it a…

  • The Photo Man

    “A tide of humanity that has flooded my life” – Mark Kologi, The Photo Man.

  • Baraka

    I knew about this documentary ages ago, but never found the moment to watch it. It was released in 1992, and the name Baraka has a religious meaning in it. I enjoyed it a lot. You’ll need to be in a contemplative mood for really finding the beauty of this, if not, it can just be a boring sequence of videos.…

  • Jonah

    Great short movie. This could happen to anyone… 😉

  • Slow Derek

    One day you start noticing that things in your life are happening really fast. And you notice that while having breakfast….