Our first stop in our Scotland trip was Edinburgh. The Edinburgh part started a bit rough. After a long drive we found that it’s very difficult (and expensive) to park a car in Edinburgh . Our Airbnb was a bit out of the city centre (somewhere in Leith Way) and I just assumed I could park easily around that area. The second issue was that the previous Airbnb tennant hadn’t left the keys in the lock, so we had to wait in a coffee shop nearby until the host could get us in (around 7 pm, bit more than 12 hours awake, most of that driving).

After these little annoyances, we were ready to explore this city. And I think we did it througly. Along the usual touristic (traps) sights we managed also to do a bit more of urban exploration and visit other areas like Leith, Dean Village, and wander some streets out of the beaten track.

Here are some pictures of this first visit to Edinburgh. Because I’m sure there will me more. Have you been/lived to/in Edinburgh? Let me know if you’d like any of this pictures as a print. ;)


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