Trip to Scotland

Finally I did it. I went to Scotland. After thirteen years living in UK, wandering around many places, I went to the one I always had wanted to go, but for reasons, never had. My daughter and me have spent the first 2 weeks of August basically on my car over there.

According to goggle and it’s always on position tracking, we drove something like 1700 miles, and walked 32. Our plan was to stay some days in Edinburgh, go to Poolewe in the Wester Ross for almost a week, then go to Glasgow, passing along Loch Ness and the Glencoe Pass. Fully packed road trip.

The weather was better than expected, though we had some rainy and cloudy days. Being August, I was perhaps expecting warmer temperatures but it actually felt chilly at times.

Midges, tiny insects that are very common in Scotland in summer were quite present, insect repellents are advised. Goats and sheep too. And cows, although looking at my picture archives I don’t think I took any pic of them! And the Highlands cows are famous! A thing left for a future visit.

Here is a first selection of some of landscapes and roads I liked.


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