The last time I went to Madrid I felt vertigo

Here are some pictures I took in Madrid. On a sunny day we did a bit of tourism, even visited a hotel that had been long time closed and now had a nice rooftop bar with amazing views. To high for my liking though.

This was the first trip abroad we managed to do after a couple of years of pandemic, almost a year ago. My daughter and me wanted to visit family in Spain, and after taking all the necessary measures imposed by the health authorities, tests, vaccines, location forms, and most importantly, not getting sick just before the trip, off we went.

I remember feeling so happy to be able to see my family again after so long. We also spent time in other places, at the end the trip felt a bit rushed, as we wanted to meet with too many people, in a short space of time. We managed to celebrate the usual dates in Spain, Christmas, New year’s eve, and I ended driving quite a lot. After all the care taken, once we were back in UK I found out I had COVID. It went well, just the mild kind of, thankfully.

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3 responses to “The last time I went to Madrid I felt vertigo”

  1. Victor Bezrukov, photographer avatar

    It’s also possible to get the vertigo from your images. Amazing scenes and architecture photographed.

    1. Omar Parada avatar

      Many thanks Victor, for passing by and comment. I’m glad you feel dizzy. 🙂

      1. Victor Bezrukov, photographer avatar

        Haha the real goal of photography.

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