A morning walk and latest news

I moved near here a couple of months ago, and I love walking this little forest next to theriver Cam, in Cambridge. It looks and feels amazing to be here, alone, wandering between trees, looking at the river reflections. I’m seriously considering getting a fishing license and sit here on weekends! The only thing I don’t like it much is the noise of a nearby highway (the M11, that leads to London, if you drive it south). Nothing that can’t be fixed with a pair of head phones!

I first visited here years ago, when I first moved out of my first Cambridge place where I lived with my now ex wife. Who could tell me that years later I would come back! You can see some pictures here, from that time.

I have not only moved house, but also work and recently, hosting for this blog.

A few months ago I decided to leave my job at a tech company based in London, that when I first joined, like four years ago or so, was involved in a few game projects I thought were really interesting. It felt like the best company I had ever worked for, and there were plenty of opportunities. With that company I went to Seattle for a work trip, for instance, right before the pandemic started. I keep asking myself if I brought COVID to UK when I came back… Anyways.

The thing with tech companies is that at times, they pivot. This one was not pivoting but actually, spinning. And I lost interest on the new direction they were taking. So, off I went. I found a new place to work, and so far, quite happy with it. Games industry jobs are not the best kind of jobs if you want stability, I’ve learnt in the past 20 years or so. But the situation now with remote work makes a job change not to be the traumatic experience that was years ago, for instance, making you move to another country. Moving to Canada is not in my plans. For now.

And the last move has been related to this blog. I used to have it in a very famous hosting company, and given that I wanted to start selling prints here, that hosting e-commerce plan seemed like an easy way to add this little shop. At a quite big extra cost. Nearing the renewal I thought, I can do better… It’s been a bit of a technical challenge, but I like technical challenges. Let me know if you find something broken in my site.

Given how things are in various social media platforms, more and more it feels like a good approach to have a place for my own stuff, no matter what the billionaire owner thinks when he wakes up, or how many followers do I have. By the way, you can now follow me too in Mastodon.


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