Polkerris beach in Cornwall, UK.

About Cornwall

These pictures from a trip I did to Cornwall sometime around April of 2016 have been sitting in my computer for too long. I really don’t know why.

It’s interesting how pictures for some people are a product or an antidote. Some people say they take pictures when they feel happier, so the product might reflect that. Maybe lighter pictures, maybe less bleak subjects or more colourful kinds of processing. For others, maybe its the opposite. Taking pictures feels more like a therapeutic, meditative thing that helps in whatever situation one is. An antidote. I think that’s my case. But as a by product of this, the memories attached to the pictures become stronger and sometimes more difficult to “see” again.

Perhaps this is what has happened with this Cornwall ones. The road trip itself I remember was great. My daughter loved it and I would love to explore more of the area, as we only had a few days this time. But I was experiencing a painful break up with someone I met about a year or so after I separated from my ex-wife. I think I was not really ready to start anything with anyone at that time, and seeing that relationship fail too, somehow opened wounds I thought to be closed. It’s a question I still do myself, are we ever ready for a relationship? Topic for another musings blog post perhaps.

So, while we were visiting Eden project, various coastal towns and villages around (I liked Fowey a lot, also Polkerris), a lovely national trust house (Lanhydrock), etc… I was taking pictures like mad to just focus (literally) onto something else. My antidote.

Let me know if you would like to buy any prints of these pictures 😉


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