Oh, hi again! And new shop!

I hope you all are ok in these weird times. Again, making honour to the name of this blog, it’s been a while since my last post here.

In the past couple of years not much has happened but I’ve managed to do some trips around the country, last Christmas I went to Madrid after long time not seeing my family there. I got COVID (a mild one thankfully). I started learning to play the electric guitar along with my daughter, and I’m taking a bit more seriously my drums practice, to my neighbours delight.

Slowly things seem to open again and going back to certain normality. At least, here in UK, it almost feels like nothing happens. Now that things look a bit better, I’m starting to miss things I was doing more often back in London (oh yeah, you wanted to leave…) like visiting galleries and exhibitions, or music gigs.

Back in London I was involved at times with things related to LIP, the London independent Photography association. I assisted to meetups, talks, I even participated in a couple of exhibitions. For one of them, I made a set of prints of some of the Low tide series, that now are hanging on a wall in my place. This is something that the current craze about NFTs can’t achieve ;)

A few weeks ago I thought, what if I start posting pictures here again, instead of doing it only in instagram. And also, what if I try to start a prints shop right here, not somewhere else. I have tried a few times already, different things, even stock agencies and similar stuff, and always I had the same idea in the back on my mind… I need a better place for my pictures. Here its a very first version, and a very first set of pictures available to buy. Prints are fulfilled and sent to you wherever you are on demand.

Please let me know if you’d like to have any other of my pictures put in the shop for you to buy one. I may do a discount for being a follower of this blog… ;)


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