My last holiday trip…

This last summer some fortunate ones managed to visit some places abroad, perhaps came back home without bringing the virus with them (or passed to others elsewhere), others just stayed home. Or just went nearby, not too far away. That was my case. Instead of the usual trip to exotic places (say to Spain to see my mum, for instance), I went with my daughter to a small village in the Suffolk coast called Aldeburgh, a couple of hours drive from London, in a period of a bit of ease between COVID waves.

I’ve been to other coastal towns in UK, you might have read about them here, most of the times in the wrong season. This time, I nailed it. It was hot (for UK, I mean) and sunny (a couple days, the others rained). We stayed in a cosy Airbnb hosted by a lovely woman that told us all we had to know about the area, and more. I had the probably best fish and chips that a Spaniard expat has had in 10 years in this country.

Here are some pictures of places I liked. I think I’ll come back some day, next summer, pandemic permitting, of course. I quite like the area, and around there are truly beautiful and fascinating places like Orford Ness, Dunwich and Southwold.

Perhaps I may even dare to take a swim.


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