My last trip

Just before this covid-19 started, last January, I did my last trip. It wasn’t one of fun and pleasure, but a work one. I’m currently involved in a game project that is being developed by a talented team in Seattle. I was sent there by my company for 2 weeks. I was curious to see what they were doing and in what I could help.

Little I knew beforehand about Seattle, except some trivia. A tech place where some of the biggest companies started, Starbucks, Nirvana, some popular films based there, terrible rainy weather… I really suffered the later, I think it was worse than in London!

Those two weeks were hectic, I had to catch-up with lots of project related stuff, meet new people trying to remember all the new names, get to know the place a bit. And as advertised, the rain did not stop. The hotel I was based in was a bit far from downtown. I ended having only a couple of days in the weekend to actually wander around the city. I think I managed to see quite a lot, but I missed what everyone told me was best, the outdoors around. Next time perhaps?

How do I miss traveling. For sure once this pandemic ends I will travel everywhere!. So many places I have taken for granted….


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