Stockholm’s syndrome (1)

Some months ago, just out of the blue, I took a flight to Copenhagen. The idea was to visit friends in Malmö and Stockholm. I had never been in Sweden. As a short summer break from the heat wave in London seemed like a perfectly good idea.

Is funny how we accumulate stereotypes and preconceived ideas about places (and about people too, this being worse I believe). I just didn’t know lots about Sweden, but somehow years of being exposed to IKEA furniture, TV shows like The Bridge (amazing noir crime show to binge watch in a cold weekend) and all sort of silly clichés, one arrives to the place and believes in some sort of deja vu feeling.

I was joking with one of my friends here that I was disappointed of not seeing snow. The same as most of Europe those last weeks, Sweden has been under a heat wave that made all green things look faded and yellow. And my short time in Malmö felt like any other summer place in Spain or Portugal. I walked along the beach and it’s pier feeling like nothing at all I had previously thought. Some very interesting architecture in there, from old town houses to the futuristic Santiago Calatrava’s “Turning Torso” building. I liked Malmö lots, in some ways it reminded me to Cambridge, maybe just because it looks very bike and family friendly. And with a nice beach! But still, the bleak cinematography from that TV show appeared in flashes in my head and I wonder how it really would be living in winter here.

Here are some pictures from Malmo. I will post Stockholm one’s later. By the way, check my prints page, I’m updating it with links where you can order prints of various sizes of some of my pictures. If it happens that you’d like prints of any other pictures in this blog, let me now, I will make them available you, no matter where you are. 🙂


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