I would rather have questions…

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.

― Richard Feynman


3 responses to “I would rather have questions…”

  1. […] had in common seemed to disappear behind a wall of misunderstandings. For some people, one simple question, what all this means to you?, seems to be extremely difficult to answer. One thing I will avoid for […]

  2. […] This ended being like the old tales about unrequited love, or how to misunderstand everything about a friendship, and ruin it all, when suddenly, nothing seems to make sense, and in a momentary lapse of reason, one just makes a very dangerous question: […]

  3. […] and, paraphrasing that Pink Floyd’s album title, in a momentary lapse of reason one dares to question: Where do I stand for you in all […]

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