Lake district

It feels like yesterday, but I have checked and… It was almost last year when I visited Lake District with my daughter. We stayed in a small cosy cottage in a village called Cark. What I did not know when I rented it was that the place was a bit out of the actual park. We had to drive a bit more than needed, maybe. But we ended visiting lots of places, mostly in the southern and central area. It is, and feels, quite different to Peak District, which I also visited some time before. I feel like I need another visit at some point. Or two… I have fond memories of this trip. We both, my daughter and me, enjoyed it a lot. Here is a first gallery of pictures from that trip. Another blog post will come soon… ;)


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  1. TopEndTweets avatar

    Beautiful Series of Photographs! The featured image has such a great contrast between the skies and the landscape.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you like my pictures!

      1. TopEndTweets avatar

        I do and you’re welcome!

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