Diptych (5)

Ok, gardening. In the long list of things that I have no idea about, gardening is one of them. And here in the UK is a very appreciated thing. Houses have a garden, and even if you live in a flat, in a big city like London, you may know someone with access to an allotment. It’s also the case that I’m not very fan of plants, at least taking care of them. I remember once someone at my office told me to take care of a tomato plant during her holidays. The tomato survived, but I can say now that it wasn’t because of my efforts. I just completely forgot about it! That tomato plant was a really strong one I think. So maybe its a combination of both things, the attention given to gardening here, and my total lack of interest on it, what makes me, still today, find all this gardening stuff a bit funny. I enjoy visiting them though, as some pictures in this blog can show. I took the ones in this post quite a while ago, in the garden of my previous place. And I don’t miss that garden… At all.


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  1. Otto von Münchow avatar

    There is something very magical about diptychs. Of course it really depend how one pair two photos, but as in this case, it adds depth to the visual story. Very nice.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Otto, I’m glad you like this pair… 🙂

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