Salt Flats (2)

A new gallery of pictures from my trip, almost a year now, to Utah. This day was fun. I had never been in such a desolate place. You see this places usually in films or documentaries, and you never think about them as real. But yes, here we were, driving miles in mostly straight line roads, without a tree in sight (or anything else). Just some other cars . And mountains in horizon. There was a petrol station in the middle of nowhere, where we refused to have lunch. It looked like a place from some other horror film. And the famous Bonneville salt flats. At this time of the year there was water on it, not totally evaporated. It is when the flat is totally dry when it is used for car races and tests. I had already posted some pictures from there. This ones give, I think, a bit more context of the place and its surroundings. Its also fun, but somehow, I miss Utah.


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    these are really good.

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