Here are some pictures I took a while ago in Blakeney. It’s an interesting place. Norfolk coast is becoming my favourite spot for one day trips, photography and proper pub lunches. Its been a while since my last trip there, I should think about going again soon. Or better yet, when the weather becomes warmer. The excuse for this one was the seals. There is a small colony of them and you can hire a boat trip that brings you where the seals are. To me, the nicest part was the short boat trip. Also the flat landscapes around. The seals, well. They just seemed very few to me. Maybe it is just a special thing to actually have any in that place, but I was expecting something more crowded. The poor animals didn’t seem to care about humans in a boat, of course. I had a similar feeling to when I visit a zoo. I have no idea about what happened to the stranded boat. Some time ago there was a big tidal surge in the area. The same one that broke that solitary sand dune in two parts. Maybe that boat has its own story. A storm was forming at the end of the day, so we came back to Cambridge.


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