Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalistic.

Sorry for the delay between posts. I should try to be more regular from now. Here is my entry for this Weekly Photo Challenge. The first picture is from my last holidays in Portugal. From the top of a cliff. I like the sea texture. The tiny boat gives scale to the thing. The second one was taken from my window, in the place where I was living until a month ago. Possibly, I was preparing another blog post, like I am doing now. Does a double rainbow mean double treasure? And the third one is a rowing team practising in the river Cam, in Cambridge. That picture came that way, without any crop. Not sure about the composition, but I like it. Also, I took it one of my first days here In Cambridge, when everything seemed to me new and interesting. I was in the honey moon phase, I think…


4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalistic.”

  1. Stefano Scheda avatar

    The first shot is really beautiful, Omar!

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Stefano! I wasn’t too sure because the texture of the water is very subtle. I’m glad you like it! 🙂

  2. Marcus Case avatar

    For me, that small boat seems to have a very loud voice and dominated the photo. Very interesting. And I loved the Cambridge shot (of course). Thanks so much.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks for your comment Marcus.

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