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I’m back from my holidays. I’m also really busy these days, but I have time to share some pictures I did in the past two or three weeks with my new mobile. The image quality is not the same as the ones I take with my DSLR, but I reckon it is quite fun to use a mobile for photography. At the end, It doesn’t change too much if you just focus on the composition and light. Also there are some really good image processing apps available. The one I most like right now is VSCOCam. The filters are subtler than the instagram ones. And the basic tools for cropping, rotating, colour temperature, contrast, etc… are there for you to use. Speaking of instagram, there is something I don’t like at all and that is the forced square crop. You can use some apps to add black or white extended borders, so you don loose the original framing, but that is an extra step that I find really bothering. One thing I would like to see is RAW support on mobiles. The JPGs get quickly degraded after a few edits.

In this small gallery you can see pictures taken in Cambridge, UK and some places I’ve visited in Spain during my holidays. I will post soon some more, along others taken with my normal camera, that I hope you find interesting. First I need to recover from some kind of post-vacation depression that is affecting me much more than needed… 😉


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  1. Marcus Case avatar

    Post-vacation depression is never nice. Hope it lifts soon. Thanks for the great shots. I particularly liked the rocks reaching up from the sea – great depth and colours.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Marcus. It is lifting already, but the first days afters coming back it was a bit terrible. Those rocks are a place in Cabo de Gata, Almeria. I saw some great desert landscapes there.

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