Missing winter?

These days are hot here in UK. In a way, its different to what I’m used to in Madrid, where the weather is less humid. With just above 20ºC there is a quite summery sensation. More if it is a sunny day. Reach 30ºC and they call it heat wave. Ha!, in Madrid we usually get to 40ºC and in some parts of the south of Spain even a bit more. But it feels completely different. Any way, what I think we have missed this year is a proper winter. These pictures are from a few years ago, where we had a proper snow falls. I remember that some airports were closed, and satellite pictures of the British islands entirely covered in snow made the news. It felt really much colder than in Madrid. Although winters in Madrid are usually cold enough. Something that still is surprising to some people I speak to.


4 responses to “Missing winter?”

  1. Mark Simms avatar

    Love the third shot, great use of the curving path to give a strong composition ?

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Mark! I’m glad you like it! :-)

  2. Marcus Case avatar

    Lovely photos. I’m feeling cooler already. Thanks!

    1. casagan avatar

      Ha! That’s why I posted this pictures… :-)

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