Salt flats

Just one of the pictures I took the last week in Utah. This place is very much known because of the car speed tests. I imagine they only do them in summer, when the thin layer of water disappears. Now, it looks more like a mirror with crusts of salt on it. I really liked the surroundings of this place. It is a desert, a kind of place I am not very used to.

And yes, the water is salty. I tasted it.


6 responses to “Salt flats”

  1. Simon Howlett avatar

    Stunning image, Omar. Would love to visit this location.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Simon! Yes it’s a weird and interesting place.

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  3. […] to have lunch. It looked like a place from some other horror film. And the famous Bonneville salt flats. At this time of the year there was water on it, not totally evaporated. It is when the flat is […]

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