London at night

I took this ones a couple of years ago. Night time city light are very difficult to photograph. There is an overall orange colour cast, a mix of different light sources, each with it colour temperature, and pictures can look quite weird initially. I tried here to experiment a bit with white balance adjustments and colour curves and this is the result. From that walk in central London is also this other picture, that somehow, I think it has a bit more natural look.

These days it’s been in the news something about how the orange light in a city like Los Angeles has been an important detail for portraying that city in a huge amount of movies along the years. It seems that they want to change the street lights and that will change completely how night-time photography in that city looks. There is an interesting post here about this.


11 responses to “London at night”

  1. Morgan avatar

    Oh London, London, You are, You Know You are>… 🙂

  2. Mark Simms avatar

    Good examples of low light images.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Mark. They ended a bit noisy, but I liked the contrast and (sometimes weird) colour of them.

      1. Mark Simms avatar

        Unless you’re using a tripod, and I’m guessing you weren’t for these, then a little noise is to be expected as I presume your ISO was quite high.

        1. casagan avatar

          Exactly. These ones were handheld.

  3. itisnovember avatar

    Great shots of London at night, very fancy! I hope I’ll find the time to fly there this year!

    1. casagan avatar

      London is great. If you like architecture photography you will have good time.

  4. Life of the struggler avatar

    Splendid pictures… Truly

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