A Gallery…

…in London’s British Museum. I took this picture a few years ago, in my first visit to London when I arrived here. No need to say much else about this place. It is just amazing. As are most of the museums I’ve visited in UK. Maybe because here museums are free, most of them. We have also great museums in Spain, but they are not free. That’s not an excuse, but I can tell you that I have visited more museums here than in Spain. I have never been to the Museo del Prado. Not even after  living for 20 years in Madrid. It is too expensive and queues are enormous. I should be ashamed…


9 responses to “A Gallery…”

  1. Mark Simms avatar

    Let’s hope they stay free ?

    1. casagan avatar

      Yes, although with the current economic climate, who knows what might happen…

  2. Zhang Wenjie avatar

    I’ve been to Museo del Prado, and the queues really wasn’t that bad. Much much worse are those in Florence. I’ve never been in a museum that wasn’t ticketed though, not for lack of trying. Heh.

    1. casagan avatar

      It was a bit of exageration. Sometimes what happens is that one doesn’t appreciate what the place where is living can give you. When I lived in Madrid I wasn’t aware of things that now I am… And about non ticketed museums, I’ve seen that only here in UK.

  3. Meho avatar

    Nice shot and especially nice contrast.

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