Low tide (2).

A few more pictures from Wells next the Sea. I liked black and white for these. It might be that I’ve looked at lots of black and white photography lately and wanted to try something. The dune in the second picture is one of the two chunks left from the one shown in my earlier post. I was standing on top of the other one. The harbour area in this place totally empties with the low tide, as the first and last picture shows. The stranded boats made look this place like an old dead sea, if it wasn’t because the large bird crowds living here (and tourists taking pictures, like me).

I totally look forward to come back to this place in summer.


10 responses to “Low tide (2).”

  1. Mark Simms avatar

    Really like that first shot

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Mark. I’m glad to hear that.

  2. beingtwinflower avatar

    Oh, these are gorgeous. The first one! Black and white certainly was a good choice.

  3. S Howlett avatar

    Great series of images and an impressive location.

    1. casagan avatar

      Thanks Simon, I’m glad you like them.

  4. Cardinal Guzman avatar

    Love that first photo. Great B&W shot!

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