Low tide

Taken in Wells next the Sea, Norfolk.

Low tides in this beach are amazing. The sea recedes hundreds of meters. Last December weather in this area was awful. Storms and tidal surges destroyed the coast line and a quite a few resorts were affected. Someone from that place that I meet walking on the beach told me that those two lonely sand dunes are the remainings of a bigger one that was broken by the violent sea.  I told him that I couldn’t remember about that specific dune. This was my second visit to the place. The first one was a few years ago, and I think the sea level was different.

And that sea was not just after those dunes, but a lot farther…


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  2. Helen avatar

    Oh lovely Wells! I visited there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed taking photos there, especially of the beach huts. Such a shame to hear of all the recent damage in that area too. Nice B&W 🙂

    1. casagan avatar

      To be honest, the only destroyed thing I saw was that dune! Maybe some of the huts were a bit abandoned, nothing more serious. I’m glad you like the picture! 🙂

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